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Artist / Philosopher

   Ita Bulllard creates original art with an eclectic mix of techniques and absolutely no pretension.  Her muses have come from deep within her spirit to find fulfillment through many years of dedication to authenticity and honesty of expression.

   Ms. Bullard was born in Paris, France in 1940 at the beginning of the Second World War.  Being a Jewish person in German occupied France, Ita spent the first few years of her life in hiding with her family. At the age of 21 Ita left France bound for New York City where she lived with an Aunt.  In 1967, Ms. Bullard met a very ambitious and charismatic business entrepreneur. The couple owned various businesses together and she served in executive capacities as corporate secretary and treasurer.  In addition, she was a full-time working mother and dedicated companion.  The two shared a life together for 35 years.

   Ita found time and the space to begin creating her collection of oil, water color, acrylic, gouache and sculpture that now number over 100 pieces.  She realized that she was not receiving adequate support for her artistic creativity; so she left her life on Park Avenue and traded it for the quiet serenity of Lake Champlain, situated in the Adirondack Park region of upstate New York.  Upon arrival she occupied her new lakefront home (and studio/gallery) and continues to create works of art to this day. 

  Ms. Bullard participates in various community projects, ranging from serving as member of the board of directors for the Strand Center for the Arts, an engaged committee member for CVPH and previous host for benefits for Mountain Lake PBS.

  Ita is currently in the process of creating a biographical documentary about her life in hopes that it will educate others and create a movement to make common law a legal statute in all 50 states. Ita is also actively seeking film makers to produce a feature length film about her life. A complete screenplay with copyright is available upon request. View the synopsis and other film projects here--

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